Duties of the Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs

A) Coordinating the work of the staff in all the college branches according to the work requirements, and distributing them to each according to his specialization in a way that guarantees the interest and needs of the college

B)Adjust the personnel management system in terms of attendance and departure, vacations, tasks, and competencies

C)Answer the official books in a timely manner

D)Recommending the promotion of the college's members of technicians and administrators

E)Approval of the acceptance of medical reports issued from inside and outside Iraq for the members of the college and in accordance with the regulations

F) Make the necessary transfers in the administrative staff of the college in accordance with the requirements of the public interest

G)Signing the orders for granting regular vacations to the faculty members

H)Approval of the disbursement of dispatch advances to the faculty members inside Iraq

I)Granting birth and maternity leave to all college affiliates, according to the instructions in force

J)Supervising the safety, maintenance and expansion of government buildings according to work requirements

K)Attending college council meetings, and participating in the various committees in order to achieve the public interest

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